How do I create a desktop shortcut for Football Manager?

You can create a desktop shortcut which allows you to launch the game without having to go through the Steam interface.

  • Right click on the game from the Steam Library and select Properties
  • From the 'General' tab select ‘Create Desktop Shortcut'.

By default, Epic should create a default shortcut on the desktop, but if for whatever reason you find it doesn't, you can create one by following the steps below.

  • Open the Epic Launcher
  • Go to the 'Library' page in the Epic Games Launcher window
  • Go to [Football Manager title]
  • Click on the 'Overflow Menu' icon, which appears as three horizontal dots
  • Select the 'Create a shortcut' option from the menu


Windows 10/11

  • Open ‘Start’ Menu
  • Click ‘All apps’
  • Locate [Football Manager title]
  • Click, hold and drag the [Football Manager title] icon to the desktop


  • Open Xbox app
  • Go to [Football Manager title]
  • Click on the three dots button -> ‘Manage’ -> ‘Create Desktop Shortcut’

If nothing above works, please submit a support request stating exactly what you've tried so far, and a member of our team will try to help.


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