Matchmaking isn’t working, what’s happening?!

The most common reason for this is because your firewall (internet security) is blocking access, so you might need to change some settings with your firewall ports. This can be complicated and how you do it can depend on your PC, router, firewall, internet provider and other factors. Most PCs are using the included Windows Firewall and if so, please follow this guide on how to change your port settings: 

At the stage of setting which ports to open, please input the following: 

  • 443 
  • 7777 
  • 7778 
  • 7779 

If you are using a different firewall, please refer to the manufacturer for instructions on how to access your port settings. 
The second most common reason is people using a VPN, which can interfere with the matchmaking process. Please ensure you don’t have a VPN active when attempting to play – a lot of people who work from home use a VPN to connect to their work network, so make sure that’s turned off! 

If you’ve tried all of that, or it all reads like an alien language, please submit a support request.

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