Bug Reporting How To

If you encounter any bugs while playing Humankind, please check the Known Issues article. If your problem is not listed there, please report them to us. We strongly encourage you to use the in the Humankind Bug Reports forum on Games2Gether[www.games2gether.com] for this, as it will allow you to upload files directly. Follow the following template when reporting, please:


  • Title: [PC/Steam, v0.5.32] Tooltip displays placeholder text
  • Description: After building an Emblematic Quarter of a Classical Era Culture, the tooltip of the tile displays a placeholder text
  • Attachments: Last 2 saves, screenshots (marked to highlight the issue if possible), logs etc...
  • Steps to Reproduce: 1. Enter the Classical Era // 2. Build their Emblematic Quarter // 3. Hover over the tile to check the tooltip
  • Expected Behavior: The tooltip should display localized text.

1. Thread Title

If you're making a new thread, the title of your thread should be short and descriptive. The title should start with what platform you are on [Steam (PC or Mac)/GeForce NOW], and the version number (displayed on the main menu) you played on.

Please only add to a thread if you believe you have run into the same bug, otherwise start a new thread.

2. Bug description

The bug description is here to provide as much information and details as possible about the issue you encountered: Please describe in detail what you were doing before the issue, and what happened when you noticed the problem. Make sure to include any relevant information (for example Era, culture, map size/settings, game speed, single/multiplayer, etc), and use specific names where possible ("Bronze Working, Irrigation" for example).

You can consider the bug description as a way to clear any ambiguity in your summary. Any additional notes should go here too.

3. Attachments /!\

Don't forget to attach useful files if you feel like they are relevant.

  • Saves: Please provide the last two auto-saves from when the issue occurred along with any other relevant saves.
    • PC: \Users\[username]\Documents\Humankind\Save Files
    • Mac: This is hidden in the Libraries folder. You will need to do an internet search to find specific steps for your OS. Once the libraries folder is revealed, they are in /library/ application support/humankind/Save Files
  • Screenshots and/or Video: A screenshot marked to highlight the issue. Feel free to share a brief video of the issue by uploading it to you preferred platform. Make sure we can access it!
  • Diagnostic files: Located by default:
    • PC:\Users\[username]\Documents\Humankind\Temporary Files
    • Mac: Select the correct file by looking at the name like "Diagnostics - 2020'10'11 @1407'46''" that gives you the date and hour which should correspond to a save file
  • Player.Log: These can be found here:
  • Information about the system you are playing on. This is only relevant if your bug has to do with crashing, artefacts or something. If it's only affecting gameplay, a this isn't necessary. To get this information:

To share your files, feel free to use any file-sharing service and include a link, but remember to set the file to be accessible through the link alone. Otherwise, you can also report the bug on Games2Gether[www.games2gether.com], where you can attach the files directly to your post.

4. Steps to reproduce

If possible, give us a step by step description of what lead to the issue. A list of steps is preferable!

The clearer and more detailed your steps to reproduce are, the more likely we'll be able to reproduce the issue from scratch.

5. Expected behaviour

This section is usually the part you use to describe what you think is supposed to happen and how it differs of the current state of things.

Thanks for your help, but please bear in mind that we may not be able to reply in every thread even if we are investigating the issue.

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