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The Code of Heroes is a guide for our journey together as a community. Should you experience or witness any behavior that deviates from or violates the Code of Heroes, please help us by following the reporting procedures below. We review all reports and do everything within our power to address them appropriately.

  • All reports must be directed to 
  • Relic will investigate valid reports, and where appropriate, take action commensurate with the infractions detailed in this Code of Conduct. 
  • All reports must be submitted in accordance with the following criteria. Failure to do so may result in your report not being investigated. 

1 - TITLE 

  • The title of your emails must read as follows: 
  • "REPORT - (Offence type)" 
  • For example, reporting a teamkiller would require the title: REPORT - Teamkilling 


  • A report must include the player's in-game name 
  • A report must also include the player's STEAM 64 ID (17-digit number) or their Microsoft ID / Gamer Tag.
  • To find a player’s STEAM 64 ID follow these instructions:
    • Press Shift + Tab when in-game to bring up the STEAM Overlay. 
    • Then follow the steps in these pictures. 


In the event the account name is displayed and not the STEAM 64 ID, use to quickly convert it.


Here is an example of how to identify a player in your report:

  • Player name: badcommunitymember 
  • Steam 64 ID: 76534242323439390


Providing replay files is NOT sufficient evidence. 

  • Please either provide video recordings or screenshots of the incident in question.  
  • If the offence in question is teamkilling, please make sure you have highlighted a unit of the offending player so that their username is visible in the UI when teamkilling. 
  • If providing video evidence, please host it on either YouTube or Vimeo and provide an unlisted link to the video in your report. Note that we will not be able to review "Private" YouTube links.  
  • If providing images, either attached files or links to a recognized image hosting site.


  • Indicate which game this report is in reference to. (CoH1, CoH2, or CoH3.)
  • A short explanation (one to two lines in length) is helpful. Provide any additional context around the report, timestamps or further details describing exactly the conduct/behavior that you wish to report. 



Thank you for taking the time to make the community a better place! 


Reported infractions will be investigated by Relic promptly and the appropriate action will be taken. Relic may not report directly back to the player to update them as to the success of their report, and the status of the player in question. We will however attempt to confirm receipt of your report.



The following sanctions outline the action Relic may take should a player engage in disruptive behavior or unacceptable conduct. Sanctions may be adjusted and applied at Relic’s sole discretion on a case-by-case basis, depending on situational context and the severity of the infraction. In most cases, Sanctions can be defined as a ban from official community spaces including but not limited to; forums, social platforms and/or the suspension of in-game participation or restriction of access to services. In-game bans will result in a member no longer being able to participate in Company of Heroes online play until the ban period has expired. Repeat offenses will scale severely, and a third major infraction will always result in a permanent ban. These Sanctions can also be extended to any additional accounts associated with a penalized member. Where possible, users will be informed of bans via an in-game message or an alternative means of communication (as determined by Relic at its sole discretion). 


Communication Ban 

  • Chat violations will result in communication bans on our platforms and in-game. These vary in length from 48-hours to 1-month or more. 
    • Examples: Chat abuse, bullying, bigotry, personal attacks. 


  • First time offenders or minor disruptive behavior can result in a temporary suspension from our platforms and/or in-game multiplayer. These vary in length from 48-hours to 2-weeks. 
    • Examples: Stream sniping, posting explicit content, teamkilling, griefing.
  • Repeat infractions will result in subsequent suspensions ranging from 2-weeks to 6-months or more. 

Permanent Bans

  • Relic does not take permanent bans lightly and will only apply these for serious and/or repeated infractions. Permanent bans apply to ALL Relic Entertainment products and services.
    • Examples: Threats or endangerment of others, doxxing, cheating, promoting illegal activity, posting Relic’s confidential content. 

In serious instances of disruptive behavior or unacceptable conduct that occurs on platforms not owned by Relic, we will review all verifiable information and apply Sanctions if deemed necessary. This also applies to offline conduct in the real world. 



Should you wish to appeal a suspension or ban, you may do so by emailing with your Steam64 ID or Microsoft ID along with any relevant supporting evidence (screenshots, videos, match replays). If you have been banned, you have no course to ask about the reasons for your ban, or exactly how long said ban will be. 



Relic monitors in-game activity using a secure software tool which has been developed internally by Relic. This tool collects certain data from players (such as hashed IP addresses, player IDs, etc.) and helps us to detect, investigate and prevent cheating in our games and tournaments, as well as all other violations listed in this Code of Heroes. Relic collects, processes, and retains this data, which may include personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



Should you require any technical help with our games or official Relic accounts, please submit a request through our web form. 

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