For users unable to launch the Football Manager 2022 Early Access Beta on AMD Processors *Please Read*

For those of you who are encountering problems when first launching the game and are running certain AMD Processors, we are currently testing a fix which should allow you to launch and play the game normally.

The public-test version of the game is opt-in and available via Steam by following the instruction below.

- Open Steam

- Go to 'Football Manager 2022' within your Steam Library

- Right-Click on the game and select 'Properties'

- Select ‘Betas’ from the left-hand side

- From the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' dropdown, select 'public-test

- Click the ‘X’ in the top-right hand corner to close this popup.

This should now automatically begin downloading an update for the game. If it doesn’t do so, we’d recommend restarting Steam. Once the downloaded has completed, launch the game.

This should now do so without issue. You will need to remain on this version until the full game is launched on November 9th.

At that point both the normal retail version and the public-test version will update to be the full release version, so will not matter if you have it selected from the dropdown or not.

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