Known Issues with the Football Manager 2022 Early Access Beta

Please see our list below of known issues that we are aware of in the Early Access Beta.

  • Slowdown/Freeze when going to Team or Player Stats in Competitions. This is a known issue that we are currently investigating. It should eventually allow you to carry on as normal. If not, as a workaround we would suggest trying to save & quit the game (X in the top right in Windows or Alt+F4 shortcut) as the save game dialog should appear and allow you to move screens. 
  • Screen/Resolution Issues where it's zoomed in or Unable to Click certain Buttons/advance past privacy policy message. This is an issue that we are currently  investigating, but workarounds can be found via our FAQ article here.
  • Getting stuck at Half Time. This is another issue that we are currently investigating. As a workaround use the little dropdown icon next to the pause button, then click 'live' to advance. 
  • Game stuck at Full Time/Post-Match. A dialog may appear indicating that you're waiting for something to happen. You should still be able to click the 'Continue' button and/or space bar to advance.
  • Game not launching on computers with AMD Phenom(tm) II processors. Please try the public-test version of the game as outlined here.
  • If you are on a version of Windows 10 N, please read our support article here if you are unable to launch the game.
  • Unable to continue due to needing to register players you cannot register. We are currently investigating. In the meantime make sure that you as the manager is set to 'Handle Team Selection'. You can also use the holiday option (Home -> My Profile -> Go On Holiday) for one day, you can continue your game. 
  • You encounter a 'Save game failed' when attempting to save.  Check whether you have 'controlled folder access' enabled and if so, add Football Manager 2022 to the list of protected folders.

1. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection. You may need to search for this!
2. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings.
3. Under Controlled folder access, select Manage Controlled folder access.

For all other Technical Issues, please read our Technical FAQ's within this knowledgebase or alternatively submit a support request for further assistance.



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