WINDOWS 10 - Specify a preferred Graphics Card (GPU) & power setting for your Total War game

Please follow the steps below to ensure that your Total War game uses the dedicated graphics of your computer and/or to ensure that your graphics has FULL system power to operate without hinderance e.g. game crashing/display issues.

1. Open Settings on Windows 10 (right-click on the Microsoft logo bottom left corner).


2. Click on System.


3. Click on Display via System.

4. Under the Multiple displays section, click the Graphics settings


  1. Select Classic app from the drop-down menu and click on Browse to add your Total War game.

STEAM & EPIC Total War locations (program directories) as below:

Total War on STEAM: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\YourTotalWarGame


Total War on EPIC: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\YourTotalWarGame


5. Click the Options button and select High performance and click the Click the Save button.


Once you complete the steps above, your Total War game will use the graphics processor.

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