Unable to load save data

'Selected data contains downloadable content that you do not have ownership rights to, so the game cannot be resumed.

Returning to title screen.'

This issue usually occurs when the DLC permissions for the game become altered in some way.

A few possibilities include:

  • The save data was transferred to another PS4 that also had Persona 5 DLC installed on it and that DLC was inadvertently shared with your save data
  • Another PSN account logged into your PS4 which has different Persona 5 DLC and played the game on your system
  • You’re having connection issues to PSN and the system can’t validate your DLC with PSN servers
  • One region version of the game (i.e., North America, Europe, Japan) was being played when the save data was made initially, but now a different region version of the game is being used

Ensure that your PlayStation Network account (PSN) is set as a primary user and that licenses are restored since these factors may affect the PS4 system’s ability to correctly determine DLC permissions. 

Activate as Your Primary PS4

Restore Licenses

If you suspect the issue has to do with the former two possibilities outlined above, troubleshoot this issue by performing the following steps:

Highlight the Persona 5 Royal icon on the home screen of the PS4;

> Press the OPTIONS button

> Select “Information” and then “View” Installed Add-Ons

> Note what DLC appears on this list

Repeat these steps with every account that has logged in to your PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 4 that had your save data present on it. To help keep track of things, we recommend taking screenshots of each list to ease with comparisons. Ensure that there is parity between these accounts and the one you are using now.

If these steps do not address the save lock, please contact us by creating a ticket, describing any recent changes when it comes to accounts that were present on your PS4, no matter who used them.

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