Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Mandate of Heaven FAQ

The Mandate of Heaven chapter pack depicts the events of the Yellow Turban Rebellion and Qiang uprising, both of which ultimately precipitated the iconic Three Kingdoms conflict.

Since the launch of THREE KINGDOMS and Eight Princes, we’ve had a massive amount of player feedback in terms of what people want to see in future THREE KINDOMS content packs. With that in mind, Mandate of Heaven introduces a host of new characters, 40 new battle units, a major rebalance of existing units rosters to encourage more diverse army builds, and unique faction mechanics for both new and existing playable Warlords which create distinctively different playstyles and campaign experiences.

A comprehensive game update will accompany Mandate of Heaven’s launch, featuring a great many tweaks, balance changes, bug fixes, and improvements – more on this soon (and don’t forget that we’ve got much more planned for future DLC!).

Mandate of Heaven includes:

  • The largest and most detailed Total War: THREE KINGDOMS DLC to date
  • The ability to begin a campaign in 182 CE just before the Yellow Turban rebellion…
  • …Then play through the conflict and deep into the Three Kingdoms period
  • New characters and six new playable warlords including the Zhang brothers and Emperor Liu Hong
  • Unique new campaign mechanics, events and objectives
  • 40 new battlefield units and new unit abilities
  • Play the origin stories of legendary characters such as Cao Cao and Liu Bei


What is Mandate of Heaven?

Mandate of Heaven is a Chapter Pack DLC for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

What is a Chapter Pack?

Chapter Packs add new start positions and stories that cover time periods linked to the main narrative of the Three Kingdoms, tying closely into the content and features of the main campaign.

What does Mandate of Heaven mean for players who don’t get the DLC?

Mandate of Heaven will bring with it a number of improvements to the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS campaign whether you decide to purchase the DLC or not – more information on these will be released in the coming weeks.

When will Mandate of Heaven be released?

The Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack will be released on Thursday the 16th of January 2020.

Is there a pre-purchase discount?

Pre-ordering the Mandate of Heaven Chapter Pack will get you a 10% discount off the DLC’s normal price.

When does it take place?

Mandate of Heaven covers the events that happened before the THREE KINGDOMS conflict.

The year is 182 CE. The Han Empire is in turmoil, and China is slipping towards chaos. The Emperor’s court is paralysed by corruption, and a great famine has ravaged the north. In the eyes of the people, Emperor Ling has lost the Mandate of Heaven – and with it, the right to rule.

Who are the new playable warlords in Mandate of Heaven?

There are three new Yellow Turban warlords in Mandate of Heaven:

  • Zhang Jue
  • Zhang Bao
  • Zhang Liang

There are also three new Han Empire factions:

  • Emperor Liu Hong
  • Prince Liu Chong
  • Lu Zhi

Additionally, the following original warlords have new starting positions:

  • Liu Biao
  • Tao Qian
  • Cao Cao
  • Sun Jian
  • Liu Bei
  • Dong Zhuo

What is the aim of the Mandate of Heaven DLC?

This Chapter Pack aims to create an epic overarching narrative that tells the story of the struggle between the Han Empire and the Yellow Turban rebellion, all fought over who should hold the eponymous Mandate of Heaven.

With the Yellow Turbans and the Han both believing their claim is the rightful one, warlords must choose to either take up arms on the side of the Han or push for their own claim.

What new units will be in the Mandate of Heaven DLC?

Head over to the Mandate of Heaven Steam page for a full list of units.

What’s the free content that will be released alongside the DLC?

Tao Qian is the new free-LC playable warlord being released with the Mandate of Heaven DLC. He will come alongside a number of new units, the full details of which will be announced soon.

When will this free content be available?

The Mandate of Heaven free-LC content will be released on Thursday the 16th of January 2020 alongside the main DLC itself.

Will Mandate of Heaven be released on macOS and Linux?

This will be coming shortly after the release of the PC version of Mandate of Heaven – stay tuned!

For full details on everything you’ll get in Mandate of Heaven, head over to the Steam page to read more as well as get 10% off the launch price if you pre-order!

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