PC-Windows :: How to configure my laptop to run Two Point Hospital with optimal settings

If you are running the game on a laptop, we suggest running your laptop via the mains so it isn't defaulted into a power saving mode.

- Go to your ‘Control Panel’

- Select 'Power Options'

- Select 'Maximum performance' or 'High performance’ (If neither of these options are available click ‘Show additional plans’ to find this option)

Nvidia Graphic Cards

If your laptop has an Nvidia card, it will most likely also have a secondary Intel card which normally runs in power saving mode. Occasionally the game can incorrectly default to this mode, so please follow the steps below to check and confirm that it’s running your dedicated graphics card.

- Right-click on your desktop and there should be a Nvidia Control Panel.

- Under ‘3D settings’ and ‘program settings’ add ‘tph.exe’ (this can be found found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Two Point Hospital or where you have installed Steam and MM)

- We suggest running with the more powerful Nvidia card over the integrated Intel card

- If you are having issues with this card and the game doesn’t launch or have issues, as a test it’d be worth choosing the "Integrated graphics" as main graphic processor to see if the same issues occur

AMD/ATI Graphics Cards

For AMD/ATI cards, because there is a large variation in versions of the AMD/ATI Radeon Catalyst Control Center for adjusting the settings for these cards bear in mind the process may not be exactly as listed below. Saying that, by following the instructions you should be able to find similar options to those described here:

- For AMD/ATI Radeon cards, go to Graphics > PowerPlay - Set Plugged In and Battery to Maximum Performance.

- Click Apply.

- If the option is available to your graphics card, go to Graphics > 3D and move the slider across to Performance so it is set for Optimal Performance. - Click Apply.

- If your Catalyst Control Center has the Switchable Graphics tab go there and browse to locate mm.exe and set it for High Performance. Click Apply.

- Do the same for Steam this can be found found in C:\Program Files\(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Two Point Hospital or where you have installed Steam and MM)

If you have completed all of the above without being able to resolve your issue, please Submit a Request for further assistance.

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