SEGA Genesis Mini 2 FAQ


I've lost my AC adaptor, which AC adaptors can I use for my SEGA Genesis Mini 2?

Any USB Type A AC Adapter that outputs 5V / W.0 A or greater.

The console can even be powered by your TV’s USB output.


There is only 1 control pad in the box, how do I get a second control pad?

For gameplay requiring a second control pad, you can use the control pad from the original SEGA Genesis Mini or source an additional controller from our approved third-party partner, Retro-Bit.


My SEGA Genesis Mini 2 is damaged/is not working, what do I do?

For returns and exchanges of the SEGA Genesis Mini 2 console, please contact Amazon customer service.


Where can I find the user manuals for my SEGA Genesis Mini 2? 



How do I share feedback/ask a question that is not listed here? 

You can use our SEGA ticket submission form to submit an inquiry concerning the SEGA Genesis Mini 2.

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