What can I do if my game has crashed or won’t load in Football Manager Touch on Apple Arcade?

Please can you ensure you’ve playing on the latest version of macOS, iOS & tvOS.

If you are experiencing issues, please create a support ticket. When creating your support ticket be sure to provide the following information so the support agent can assist you as efficiently as possible.

    • The manager’s name as it appears in-game.
    • The save file name as it appears in-game.
    • The team being managed within the save.
    • The game version.
    • The leagues selected when the game was created.
    • When exactly the crash occurred – including date & time (in real life)
    • Explain exactly what screen the game crashed on.
    • Explain the last in-game field you interacted with before the crash.
    • Provide your device type along with the iOS number.
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