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Relic Gaming Content Guidelines For Streamers and Content Creators (the “Guidelines”)

We at Relic Entertainment love that our gaming community are passionate about our games, and we welcome our streamers and content creators to share their experiences of  enjoying the games we create. To ensure that you do so fairly, and with respect to our intellectual property rights in our games and related assets, we have set out the following Guidelines for the use of gameplay footage, music, speech, screenshots, and other assets from our games (“Relic Gaming Content”).


NOTE: These Guidelines are applicable to games developed by Relic Entertainment and published by SEGA. For non-SEGA published titles, please refer to the relevant publisher’s content guidelines. You should read these Guidelines in conjunction with SEGA’s End User License Agreement published with the Relic Gaming Content and SEGA’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


  1. You may use Relic Gaming Content to: (i) create, upload, livestream, and/or (ii) monetize videos on online live streaming websites (including advertising and partner programs of live streaming services and available to the public for free, such as the Twitch “Affiliate” or “Partner” programs or YouTube  “Partner Program”)  (the “Monetization Methods”). In instances where third party platforms provide a “free” and “premium” method of viewing content, Relic does not object to “premium” content being hosted as long as there is also a free method for audiences to view it. Neither you nor the operator of a platform should force a viewer to pay a fee to view your Relic Gaming Content.

    Other forms of monetization of our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted, including but not limited to the creation of merchandise items using our intellectual property, such as any Relic or SEGA owned logos, trade or character name. Additionally, you should not  limit access to our content for payment of any kind, or license our content to another company for a fee of any kind. Exceptions to this are the Monetization Methods such as official Partner or Affiliate programs through Twitch and YouTube.

  2. Prior to a game’s release date, you may only use Relic Gaming Content which has been officially released to the public (public demos, or beta builds where content creation has been explicitly allowed), or from promotional materials officially released (such as product trailers) and please do not post story spoilers which ruin the experience for others. Exceptions to this are instances where Relic has provided express prior written authorization for you to disclose pre-release game content.

  3. You should include your own creative input and commentary on our Relic Gaming Content. It is not permitted to make videos and images that simply re-host or contain mere copies of our official Relic Gaming Content without any of your own creative input or commentary.

  4. Whilst we encourage the creation of your own original content, you should avoid misinforming viewers, and/or making comments which could be considered harmful.

  5. If you want to use the intellectual property of a third party (e.g. music) together with our Gaming Content, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary prior third-party permissions or approvals. Please note that some game soundtracks or songs may not be owned by us, but instead are licensed from an artist.  As this varies from game to game, please be aware that music may trigger content flags and potential removal of the video, and Relic and SEGA will be unable to provide assistance in relation to any counter claim you wish to raise. Game soundtracks and other game assets, such as voice content may not be posted or distributed separately and apart from our game footage.

  6. You are not permitted to imply or state that your videos are officially affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed or approved by us, unless an explicit partnership contract for content creation has been entered into between Relic and/or SEGA and yourself.

  7. Your content should not contain any information which promotes and/or encourages users to cheat or gain unauthorized access to Relic Gaming Content.

  8. We reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate, offensive, or not in line with these Guidelines at any time.

Relic Gaming Material is provided ‘as is’ and SEGA and Relic do not make any representation or warranty regarding our materials. Accordingly, your use of the Relic Gaming Materials is at your own risk. We will update these Guidelines from time to time.  Please refer to the latest version before sharing your content.



If you have questions about these Guidelines please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.


  1. What content is acceptable under the Guidelines? Additionally, what content is not acceptable?
    We encourage you to use our Relic Gaming Content in videos and images that feature your creative input and commentary. However, you may not simply upload or livestream an existing video or gameplay footage without your own creative input. You should also not post a copy of content created by someone else without their express permission, and please do not post spoilers.

  2. Do the Guidelines cover video uploads or livestreams as well?
    These Guidelines cover both uploads and livestreams.

  3. What exactly are the "Monetization Methods" as referred to in the Guidelines?
    Streamers can monetize their streams on services such as Twitch (e.g. the Twitch “Affiliate” or “Partner” programs) or YouTube (through “Partner Program”).

  4. Can I sell content that I create and upload or livestream on a sharing service if it includes Relic Gaming Content or other creator content?
    No, you may not sell any videos, music or images that you have created using Relic Gaming Content or any other unauthorized intellectual property assets of a third party.

  5. What about corporate entities, do the Guidelines apply to them?
    The Guidelines are only applicable to individual streamers.

  6. Will there be cases where we will remove content from sharing services?
    Yes, we reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate, or not in line with these Guidelines. In some cases, we may take down videos on behalf of our third-party partners and in line with our End User License Agreement and/or Terms of Service.

  7. What do you mean by content that is "unlawful, infringing, or inappropriate"?
    Examples of unlawful, infringing, or inappropriate content includes some of the following, although these are given for guidance only and there may be others as set out in more detail in our Terms of Service:
    • Content that infringes any of our intellectual property rights, our developers or any other third party intellectual property rights;
    • Content that violates any applicable laws or regulations;
    • Content that features pirated software.
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