Apple Mac game installation troubleshooting

The first step is to make sure that you Apple Mac is up-to-date through ‘Software Update…’.

Disk read errors when installing and / or running a game can occur due to a number of issues ranging from a problem with the disc itself to conflicts with other programmes running on your Apple Mac.
Try installing the game on a different user account to help identifty whether the issue is related to a software/application conflict.

To create a new account with administrator rights under Mac OS X:

  • Click on System Preferences from the Dock,
  • Click on Accounts/Users & Groups from System Section,
  • Click on '+' to add a user account.

Note: make sure that you have unlocked your account so that you can add another user.

  • Choose “Administrator” from New Account field.
  • Choose Name eg. “Games”
  • Click on Create Account.

Note: If prompted that you did not enter a password for the user account click Ok.

After the account has been created:

Log Off through the Apple symbol from the top-right corner and log in under the newly created account.  Try installing under the newly created account.

If you still encounter the same issue/error you may have a defective disk. Try the game on another Apple Mac if possible to make sure that the disk is not defective.

If you suspect that the disk is defective please refer to the place of purchase for further assistance. 

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