Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows you to play games through Steam without reconnecting to the Steam Network every time you wish to play - this is particularly useful if you do not plan on playing over the internet and would prefer not to download new updates for your single-player games.

Please note that you must connect to the Steam Network and test each of the games you would like to use in Offline Mode at least once to set up your account and configure Offline Mode on your machine.

WARNING: Stored information that is required for offline mode to function may be lost when forcing Steam to close instead of exiting Steam correctly. Always manually close Steam before shutting your computer down or running out of battery life if you wish to use offline mode for an extended period of time.

If the required offline mode data is lost, there is no way to start Steam without an internet connection. If you consistently encounter this issue, ensure that you are not using any programs that can interfere with Steam.

IMPORTANT: The Steam client application's files must be updated to allow for the use of Offline Mode. If your game's status is 100% - Ready but you receive the message This game cannot be started in Offline Mode when attempting to play offline, the Steam client application's files need to be updated.

Firewall settings preventing Steam from updating itself are the most common cause for this problem. Please see the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity topic by STEAM Support for instructions to configure your network so Steam may update if you encounter any difficulties with Offline Mode.

Please follow the instructions below to configure Offline Mode on your PC:

1. Start Steam whilst connected to the Internet - make sure that the “Remember my password” box on the login window is checked:


2. Verify that all game files are completely up-to-date and that there are no current downloads on Steam (Games -> Downloads):


3. Launch the game(s) you would like to play offline to verify that there are no further updates to download. Shut down the game(s) and return to Steam once you have confirmed that the game(s) can be played,

4. Go to “Steam” -> “Settings” to ensure that the “Don't save account credentials on this computer” option is NOT selected:


5. Click on the top left “Steam” menu and select “Go Offline”:


6. Select “Restart in Offline Mode”. This will restart the Steam client and it will no longer connect to Internet when it is launched:


If you would like to reconnect Steam to the Internet in the future to download game updates, activate new products or play multiplayer modes on your games, please select “Go Online” from the top left “Steam” menu.

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