Minimising conflicts when running a game

Third-party programs running in the background can interfere with the normal functioning of your game and may even prevent your game from running at all.  By temporarily disabling these programs when booting, you can be eliminated them as the source of the problem. 

Use Msconfig as outlined in the steps below to help rule out possible conflicts third-party programs operating in the background and your game:

Note: If you are already using the Selective Startup option in Windows, you need to keep track of which items you disable and re-enable. 

1. From the Windows desktop, press and hold the Windows Key (Microsoft Logo) and the R Key together at the same time to open the Run Window,

2. Type msconfig and click OK

3. Click the General tab, Select Selective Startup and deselect Load startup items:


Note: When you boot your computer in Selective Startup, you are disabling every application that would normally start upon powering on your computer i.e. firewall and security software. After you have finished troubleshooting, you should re-enable your security software by using msconfig.

4. Click the Services tab; Select Hide all Microsoft Services then click Disable all: 


Note: This step requires disabling third-party System Services and Startup Items, which can prevent some software or OEM hardware on your computer from working correctly. For example, wireless keyboards and mice. This is only required during troubleshooting to help isolate third-party conflicts with your game.

5. Click OK then Restart

Try to reproduce the issue you were having and if the problem has disappeared you may want to use the System Configuration Utility to turn on the third-party System Services and Startup Items one or a few at a time (restarting your computer after turning on the item or items) to identify which System Service or Startup Item is causing the conflict. You can turn all of them back on by selecting the Normal Startup option under the General tab of the System Configuration Utility window:


If the issue is still occurs with Selective Startup mode please contact support for further assistance.

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