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Xbox/PC PlayStation


You can start a save on one device and sync it over to another all thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere. Syncing your progress enables you to play Football Manager Console on the go via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Please do keep in mind if you wish to sync from PC to Xbox One that you can only do so with 5 playable nations selected. Xbox Series X|S & PC supports up to 10 playable nations. Whereas Xbox One only supports 5 playable nations.



You can clear your game cache by following the steps below.

  • Whilst the game is loaded press your ‘Xbox button’.
  • Navigate to ‘Football Manager Console’ and press your ‘menu button’.
  • Select ‘Manage game and add-ons’.
  • Select ‘Saved Data’.
  • Delete All.

This will clear your game cache. This will not permanently delete your save files as they are saved on the cloud.



iOS Android


  • Any Apple deice running iOS 13 or later can play PS Remote Play games using DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller via Bluetooth or through on-screen controls.
  • Devices running iOS 14.5 or later can play with a DualSense wireless controller via Bluetooth



You can change the in-game language by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to ‘preferences’.
  • Under the Essentials tab you will see Formats.
  • Select Game Language.
  • Change language to your personal preference.
  • Ensure to click confirm to save any changes.



You can enable Colour Blind Mode by following the steps below.

  • Navigate to ‘preferences’.
  • Select ‘accessibility’ and you’ll find Colour Blind Mode under visual.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the form which best suits your sight.
  • Confirm changes.



You can run multiple Nations per save within Football Manager Console. To do so, go to the start screen and click ‘Start a new game’ -> ‘Career’ -> ‘Advanced Setup’ -> ‘Add Nation’ to add additional leagues.

The number of nations you are allowed in any game would depend on your console.
PS5, Xbox Series X/S: 10 | Xbox One: 5

To do so, go to the start screen and click ‘Start a New Game’ -> ‘Pick Team’ -> ‘Choose a Game Mode’ -> ‘Advanced Setup’ -> ‘Add Nations’.




South Africa: South African Premier Soccer League, South African National First Division Championship



Australia: Isuzu UTE A-League

China: Chinese Super League, Chinese National First Division

Hong Kong (China PR): Hong Kong Premier 

India: Indian National Football League

Indonesia: Indonesian League One, Indonesian League Two

Japan: Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J1 League, Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J2 League, Meiji Yasuda Insurance Ltd J3 League

Malaysia: Malaysian Super League, Malaysian Division Three

Singapore: Singaporean Premier League

South Korea: Hana 1Q K LEAGUE 1, Hana 1Q K LEAGUE 2



Austria: Austrian Premier Division, Austrian First Division, 

Belarus: Belarusian Highest League, Belarusian First League

Belgium: Jupiler Pro League, Belgian Challenger Pro League, Belgian First National Division

Bulgaria: Bulgarian First League, Bulgarian Second League 

Croatia: Croatian First League, Croatian Second League 

Czech Republic: Czech First Division, Czech Second Division

Denmark: 3F Superliga, NordicBet Liga, 2. Division, 3, Division

England: English Premier Division, Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One, Sky Bet League Two, Vanarama National League, Vanarama Nation League North/South

Finland: Finnish Premier League, First Division

France: Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Ligue 2 BKT, French National

Germany: Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, 3. Liga

Gibraltar: Gib Football League

Greece: Greek Super League 1, Greek Super League 2

Hungary: Hungarian Division I, Hungarian Division II

Iceland: Icelandic Premier Division, Icelandic First Division

Ireland: Irish Premier Division, Irish First Division

Israel: Israeli Premier League, Israeli National League

Italy: Italian Serie A, Italian Serie B, Italian Serie C

Latvia: Optibet Virsliga 

Netherlands: Eredivisie, Keuken Kampioen Divisie

N.Ireland: NIFL Premiership, NIFL Championship, NIFL Premier Intermediate League

Norway: Norwegian Premier Division, Norwegian First Division, Norwegian Second Division

Poland: PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, Polish First Division

Portugal: Portuguese Premier League, Portuguese Second League, Portuguese Third Division, Portugal Championship

Romania: Romanian First League, Romanian Second League

Russia: Russian Premier League, Russian First Division

Scotland: cinch Premiership, cinch Championship, cinch League 1, cinch League 2

Serbia: Serbian SuperLeague, Serbian First League

Slovakia: Slovak First Division, Slovak Second Division

Slovenia: Slovenian First League, Slovenian Second League

Spain: Spanish First Division, Spanish Second Division, Spanish Federation First Division, Spanish Federation Second Division

Sweden: Swedish Premier Division, Swedish First Division Elite, Swedish First Division, Swedish Second Division

Switzerland: Swiss Super League, Swiss Challenge League

Turkey: Turkish Super League, Turkish 1. League, Turkish 2. League

Ukraine: Ukrainian Premier League, Ukrainian First League

Wales: JD Cymru Premier, JD Cymru North/South

North America:

Canada: Canadian Premier League

Mexico: Mexican First Division, Mexican Expansion League

U.S.A: Major League Soccer


South America

Argentina: Argentine Premier Division, Argentine Second Division

Brazil: Brazilian National First Division, Brazilian National Second Division, Brazilian National Third Division 

Chile: Chilean First Division, Chilean First Division B

Colombia: Colombian First Division, Colombian Second Division

Peru: Peruvian First Division

Uruguay: Uruguayan First Division, Uruguayan Second Professional Division

It isn't possible to add or remove nations and leagues after a game has been created.




Once you’ve loaded the game toggle from Single Player to Online.

You have three different game modes that you can play with your friends: Online Career, Fantasy Draft and Versus Mode.

Online Career Fantasy Draft Versus Mode


  • Select ‘start a new game’.
  • The next screen will allow you to tweak the preferences of your Online Career.
  • Please set up a server name and we recommend you create a password to keep your game secure.
  • To ensure you and your friends are playing at the same time we recommend you select use Wednesday/Saturday matchdays. You can find this under match scheduling options. This will ensure that matches aren’t moved for TV and played at different times like you would see in the real footballing world. Leave the setting default if you’d prefer a more authentic experience.



We recommend you create a server password for all your online career saves.

  • Navigate to ‘preferences’.
  • Select the ‘online’ tab.
  • Use the drop-down under 'allow users to join your game' to edit your online session preferences.

If you do need to join, ban or unban a player:

Join Ban Unban


  • Toggle from Single Player to Online.
  • Click join game for either Online Career, Fantasy Draft or Versus Mode.
  • To narrow down the game you want to join, please ask your friend for the server name and enter that in the server name field and press search.
  • When you’ve selected the game, you want to join it will provide you with some info regarding the Online Career.
    You may then be required to enter a password.



  • Cloud saves are not limited by Football Manager but the cloud has a 1GB limit.
  • Keyboard and mouse support is available on Football Manager Console, likewise you can use your controller on the Xbox PC version.
  • You can enable mouse simulation on Console by pressing the left stick on your controller, this can be reverted by pressing the left stick again.

*Autosaves will always overwrite the current save slot. You can turn off autosaving or change the duration between autosaves in the preferences menu.



We have several places you can go to access help with all aspects of Football Manager.

    • You can access the game Manual by selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manual’.
    • You can access The Byline, which is our home for original Football Manager content including hints, tips, features, and interviews.
    • You can access our community forum, which has an abundance of content from technical support, general game discussions, tactics & training, specific playing styles, and many more.
    • If you have any suggestions, please feel free to submit them within the feature request section on our forums.


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