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We strongly suggest having auto save enabled weekly in the game settings so you always have a recent backup of your save.

iOS Android


  • On your device, tap on the Settings button and tap on [Save Game].
  • On the Save Career page tap the [Export to iCloud] button.
  • Once the Export to iCloud pop-up appears, tap [Yes].
  • Your saves will now be using one of the 8 folders in the iCloud storage and will continue to save in this area automatically.





iOS Android


  • On your device, tap on the Settings button and tap on [Save Game].
  • On the Save Career page tap the [Export to iCloud] button.
  • Once the Export to iCloud pop-up appears, tap [Yes].
  • Your saves will now be using one of the 8 folders in the iCloud storage and will continue to save in this area automatically.


  • Load up iTunes with the iOS device connected and click on the device icon in the toolbar.
  • From here click on File Sharing and then on the FM24 Mobile icon.
  • This will open up FM24 Mobile Documents in the right-hand window.
  • The saves folder can be identified as it has a name that is a 25-character-long alphanumeric string (e.g. PFULBYHXJREHTDLIZWFRV7VQ6U).
  • Click on the folder with the 25-character-long string as a name and then click on [Save] and then select Desktop and click on [Select Folder].
  • This will download the entire folder to the user’s Desktop and the user can then use the device to help identify which save game they need to access in the folder.




iOS Android


You can import save games which you have used the ‘Back Up’ instructions above to save to iCloud. You will need to be signed into the same iCloud account to which you saved the career. Simply go to the Load Game screen and select the iCloud tab at the top.

Your career will continue to save automatically to the cloud in this case. If you would prefer to have it save in the game’s internal storage, you can follow the steps below, but this is not a necessary step:

  • From the main menu tap [Load Game].
  • Tap on the [Cloud] tab on the top of the Saved Games menu.
  • Select which career you would like to import and once the file is highlighted, tap [Import From iCloud].
  • Once the Import From iCloud pop-up appears, tap [Yes].
  • Once the import happens, you will see the folder from step 3 in the internal saves folder structure.

Note – If you load this save locally all auto and manual saves will now take place in the internal file structure and not from the cloud.


  • Follow the instructions in ‘Export – iOS – To PC’ above to download the device’s save file folder to the your PC.
  • In iTunes select the saves folder (i.e. the folder with the 25-character-long alphanumeric string as a name, for example PFULBYHXJREHTDLIZWFRV7VQ6U,) and tap on the Delete Key then click on [Delete] in the pop-up.
  • Return to the PC’s Desktop and navigate through the folder with the 25-character-long alphanumeric string as a name to find an empty career save folder (/games/career_x where x is a number between 1 and 8).
  • Copy the save game that you want to put onto the device into the first empty career folder.
  • Return to iTunes and to the same File Sharing screen with FM24 Mobile selected.
  • Drag and drop the folder with the 25-character-long random string as a name into the FM24 Mobile Documents window.
  • Once the progress bar at the top of iTunes shows as complete it will then be safe to disconnect the device and load up the game to load up the save.



Most updates of this nature should download automatically but if yours doesn’t, head to the App/Play store and search for FM24 Mobile. If an update is available, you'll see the 'Update' button instead of 'Play'.

For any other installation or updates-related issues, please log a ticket with Netflix




iOS Android


  • Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  • 'Language' will appear at the top of the page.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select your language of choice.
  • Confirm changes.



FM24 Mobile contains two match engines, one of which is our ‘Enhanced’ engine which requires significantly greater processing power.

The ‘Original’ match engine is also included for those with less powerful devices.

When the game is first loaded the game will detect which match engine is best suited to your device.

If for any reason you would like to change the match engine type, please follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘view’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Select ‘Starting Configuration’.
  • Select the drop-down menu on the Match Engine Version.
  • Select your match engine choice.
  • Select ‘Confirm’ in the top right corner.



You can select up to five playable nations per save within FM24 Mobile.

To do so, go to the start screen and click ‘Create a New Game’ -> ‘Career’ -> ‘Select Team’ -> ‘Select Nations’.
FMM Nations.png

It isn't possible to add or remove nations and leagues after a game has been created.

Available Nations
Argentina: Premier Division, Second Division
Australia: A-League
Belgium: Jupiler Pro League, Challenger Pro League
Canada: Canadian Premier League
China: Super League, First Division
Denmark: 3F Superliga, NordicBet Liga, 2. Division, 3. Division
England: English Premier Division, Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One, Sky Bet League Two, Vanarama National League, Vanarama National League North/South
France: Ligue 1 Uber Eats, Ligue 2 BKT, French National, French National 2 - A/B/C/D
Germany: Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, 3. Liga
Greece: Super League 1, Super League 2 North, Super League 2 South
Netherlands: Eredivisie, Keuken Kampioen Divisie
Ireland: Premier Division, First Division
Italy: A, B, C/A, C/B, C/C
Japan: J1 League, J2 League, J3 League 
Mexico: First Division, Expansion League
N.Ireland: Danske Bank Premier, Lough41 CH, Lough41 PIL
Poland: PKO BP Ekstraklasa, First Division
Portugal: 1L, 2L, 3DN, 3DS, PCA, PCB, PCC, PCD
Russia: Premier League, First Division
Scotland: cinch Premiership, cinch Championship, cinch League 1, cinch League 2
South Africa: South African Premiership, National First Division
South Korea: K LEAGUE 1, K LEAGUE 2
Spain: SD1, SD2, 1FA, 1FB, 2F1, 2F2, 2F3, 2F4, 2F5
Turkey: Super League, 1. League, 2. League Red Group, 2. League White Group
U.S.A: Major League Soccer
Wales: JD Cymru Premier, JD Cymru North, JD Cymru South



Ensure you have iCloud set up on your device and that you are logged in.

From the Save Game page you can access the iCloud save slots using the tab at the top.

Save 2.png

To load a game from iCloud, access the slots from the Load Game screen by selecting the tab.



To play as a National Team in FM24 Mobile, select your nations when starting your save, and when selecting your Team, you'll see an additional option on the right for National Teams.National Teams.png

For international tournaments, it is necessary to call up a certain number of players (usually 23) to the National Team squad.

If your squad contains the incorrect number of players, you will be told the requirement when attempting to confirm your squad in a news message.

You will need to remove any excess players or call up additional players to fit the criteria.



  • Online play is not supported in FM24 Mobile on iOS and Android
  • There are 8 career save slots on FM24 Mobile on iOS and Android.



We have several places you can go to access help with all aspects of Football Manager.

    • You can access the game Manual by selecting ‘Settings’ and then ‘Manual’.
    • You can access The Byline, which is our home for original Football Manager content including hints, tips, features, and interviews.
    • You can access our community forum, which has an abundance of content from technical support, general game discussions, tactics & training, specific playing styles, and many more.


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