How to switch between dedicated and integrated graphics cards when playing Football Manager?

PC Only

If you have a dedicated graphics card on your system (such as an Nvidia or AMD card) you may have the option to switch change which graphics card you use with FM. We recommend always using your dedicated card for best performance, however if you encounter any issues running a dedicated card, it's worth trying the integrated card to see whether it's a graphics card specific issue.

This feature is mainly found on laptops, however some motherboards within desktop may also have integrated graphics.


Nvidia Graphic Cards

If running a laptop with an Nvidia card, it will most likely also have a secondary Intel card. This will normally run by default when running the machine in power saving mode. To be able to change manually between the two graphics cards, please follow the instructions below:

- Right-click on your desktop and there should be a Nvidia Control Panel.

- Under ‘3D settings’ click to select 'Manage 3D settings'

- Select the ‘Program Settings’ tab

- Click the 'Add' button which appears within the section: '1. Select a program to customize'

- Under here add  ‘fm.exe’ (this can be found found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\[Football Manager title] or where you have installed Steam and FM)

- From the section 2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program' select which graphics card you wish to run

- Click the 'Apply' button


AMD/ATI Graphics Cards

For AMD/ATI cards, because there is a large variation in versions of the AMD/ATI Radeon Catalyst Control Center for adjusting the settings for these cards, bear in mind the process may not be exactly as listed below. Saying that, by following the instructions you should be able to find similar options to those described here:

- For AMD/ATI Radeon cards, go to ‘Graphics’ > ‘PowerPlay’ - Set ‘Plugged In’ and ‘Battery’ to ‘Maximum Performance’.

- Click ‘Apply’.

- If the option is available to your graphics card, go to ‘Graphics’ > ‘3D’ and move the slider across to ‘Performance’ so it is set for ‘Optimal Performance’.

- Click ‘Apply’.

- If your Catalyst Control Centre has the Switchable Graphics tab go there and browse to locate fm.exe and set it for ‘High Performance’ or the integrated option. Click ‘Apply’.

- Do the same for Steam - this can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\[Football Manager title] or where you have installed Steam and FM


 If you require more guidance about this issue, please submit a support ticket and our team will try and help you.


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