How to find my system DxDiag/system information for Football Manager support?


Windows 10/11

- Go to your Start Menu in the bottom left hand corner

- Type DxDiag and press Enter on your keyboard

- The DxDiag window should open. You may be prompted to allow DxDiag to check online for digital signatures, for which please click ‘Yes’

- On the bottom portion of the DxDiag window there should be a button that says ‘Save All Information’

- Click this and save the file as a txt document.

You may find our support agents ask you for your DxDiag so we have more information about your system which will allow us to troubleshoot your issue.



Mac OS X (all versions)

- Go to ‘Finder’

- Go to ‘Applications’, then unto ‘Utilities’

- Launch ‘System Information’

- From the ‘File’ menu, click ‘Save…’

- In ‘Save As’ type file name or leave to default as your system’s name

- Choose a location to save the file to, it will default to your ‘Documents’

- Click ‘Save’

- The file will now be generated in your chosen location


If the above instructions couldn’t resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket and our team will try and help you.


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