Technical Issues






If your game isn’t running, here is a list of common factors that could be causing the problem.




Sorry you are experiencing low frames per second on a high end computer system.

We're looking into how we can better optimise Two Point Campus. We have lots of plans for the future, but due to their nature, they are not quick and easy to implement.

For now, make sure your Graphics Drivers are up to date. Some players have found that disabling the Steam Overlay can help too.




Sorry that you are experiencing crashes. Fixing any crash is a top priority of ours.  If uninstalling and reinstalling Two Point Campus doesn’t resolve your issue, please create a support ticket and provide us the following information: 

  1. Do you crash in the same way each time on the same level?
  2. What were you doing at the time of the crash? 
  3. Does the game freeze, or display a system error message unexpectedly?
  4. Do any of your other games crash?
  5. Is the game installed on the console hard drive or an external drive?
  6. How long was the game being played for?
  7. What was the date and time (including time zone) of your last few crashes?

Any further info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Where possible please add comments to the crash reports. It would also be extremely useful if you change your "foundation name" which can be done on the meta map before loading a level. 




To keep up to date with current patch notes, click here!



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