Report/Block a Player In-Game

The Code of Heroes is a guide for our journey together as a community. Should you experience or witness any behavior that deviates from or violates the Code of Heroes, please help us by following the reporting procedures below. We review all reports and do everything within our power to address them appropriately.



The Report or Block option is available in all locations where a player can interact with another player. To access this option you’ll have to click on the ‘More Options’ button mceclip0.png.


Report player Block player 
To report a player, after clicking the ‘More Options’ button, click the Report option. Once clicked, a report window will appear [REPORT *PLAYER NAME*?].


blobid2.png     blobid3.png


In the drop down menu, select the reason of why you are choosing to report this player. You can provide additional details in the comment box below (this is optional and can be left blank).

Click ‘REPORT’ to submit.

After you’ve submitted the report, a confirmation window will appear.

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