How do I start an online game with my friends on Football Manager Console?

Once you’ve loaded the game toggle from Single Player to Online.

You have three different game modes that you can play with your friends: Online Career, Fantasy Draft and Versus Mode.

Online Career – Host an online game and play with friends and Football Manager players around the world.

      • Select ‘start a new game’.
      • The next screen will allow you to tweak the preferences of your Online Career.
      • Please set up a server name and we recommend you create a password to keep your game secure.
      • To ensure you and your friends are playing at the same time we recommend you select use Wednesday/Saturday matchdays. You can find this under match scheduling options. This will ensure that matches aren’t moved for TV and played at different times like you would see in the real footballing world. Leave the setting default if you’d prefer a more authentic experience.

Fantasy Draft – build the team of your dreams and go head-to-head against your friends for ultimate supremacy.

      • Select ‘start a new game’.
      • Create Draft.
      • Next you can select the game format: Group Stage & Knockout, Knockout Cup or League.
      • You can select the competition name.
      • You can select a squad budget, or you can set this to unlimited.
      • Within advanced settings you can select how long the draft round limit is.
      • We recommend you set a password for you game in the bottom right corner.
      • On the next screen you can set a bunch of draft restrictions which can be assigned for all picks or within a range of picks.
      • Finally, you can create your club – select their name their club colours and you can choose between a variety of kit templates.

Versus Mode – take your career team online and play against the best that the world can offer.

      • ‘Select start a new game’.
      • Next you can select the game format: Group Stage & Knockout, Knockout Cup or League.
      • Submit a competition name.
      • Select who can join the game – you can allow this to be friends only or you can allow anyone to join.
      • You can select a team to manager, or you can also import a team from your single player career.
        • To do this load the single player career of the squad you want to export.
        • Navigate to the ‘squad page’.
        • Use the drop-down menu next to Quick Pick.
        • Select ‘manage’.
        • ‘Export Team for Versus Competition’.
        • Select a title, add a description, and hit save.
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